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You depend on your eyes nearly every moment of every day. Shouldn't you treat them to a check-up to ensure their health? Our experienced optometrists are skilled at identifying problems early so you can enjoy a lifetime of healthy, clear vision.

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The Optomap Retinal Exam is a fast, easy, comfortable, and in depth view of the retinal layers where disease typically starts. This annual wellness scan provides a permanent record for your medical file so that we can track and diagnose potential eye diseases.

Optomap retinal exam

 •  Macular degeneration

 •  Glaucoma

 •  Retinal holes or detachments

 •  Diabetes

 •  Stroke

 •  High blood pressure

Our exams can identify:

From the youngest children to mature adults, we can help your entire family with their vision needs. Our caring staff will ensure that you receive the best possible eye care solutions.

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