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 •  Learning & Behavior Problems

 •  Acquired Brain Injury

 •  Sensory Integration Dysfunction

 •  Developmental Delays



Multi-Sensory Stimulation Therapy


Since 2007, our Multi-Sensory Stimulation Therapy program has improved the lives of adults and children with acquired brain injury, developmental delays, and disorders affecting sensory function. The foundation of MSST is reliant on sensory perception for interaction with our environment. Emotional growth, behavior and academic abilitites all depend on essential sensorimotor organization.


This drug-free approach can help to acquire learning abilities. MSST is a very effective in combating sensory issues that affect individuals with:

Program Overview


 •  Learning Enhancement

 •  Autism/PDD

 •  Birth Trauma/PTSD

MSST is able to treat auditory, visual and vestibular issues through sensory immersion. Our 12 day consecutive program consists of 60 minute sessions per day at our clinic. After that there are 18 days that the individual finishes a home program with a portable light instrument for 20 minutes twice daily.


During the 12 session days, the participant reclines in a motion chair while wearing headphones in a dark room and they look at a stationary colored light. The chair moves in a slow, steady, circular pattern; this stimulates the vestibular (balance) system and the semi-circular canals in the inner ears. The headphones play a specific pattern of music and noises that were developed following the Berard Auditory Integration pattern to stimulate the auditory system. Right ear dominance is encouraged in order to improve auditory processing speed. The light fades in and out and utilizes the science of syntonic phototherapy. Specific wavelengths of light are known to improve mood and the balance within our nervous system. When these three techniques are combined together, they can make powerful and lasting changes for participants.



Multi-Sensory Stimulation Therapy

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