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Is your little one having trouble in school? Their vision may be the culprit. Through the combination of optometry services and occupational therapy, we are able to improve how the brain interprets optical info while keeping the body engaged through fun physical activities.

We utiliize a variety of unique therapy equipment to get you the best possible outcome for your child. This includes interactive metronomes, play attention, NVR, visagraph and our special program called Learning Breakthrough.  Contact us for more infor about our equipment!



Utilizing unique equipment

 •  Correct crayon and pencil grip

 •  Learning letters and shapes

 •  Correct letter formation

 •  Alignment

 •  Letter reversal

 •  Pacing and sizing




We can help your child with

We know visiting the doctor is easier when it's fun! When creating a customized treatment plan,

we utilize games, unique equipment, programs, and homework to assess the progress of your child.

Fun treatment options

Supporting the development of your child's vision

Therapy can be covered by your insurance. Our pediatric services could help your child. Call 319-364-2311


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